Further Processing Of Sweet Melon Brings Higher Value To Inferior Melons

- Jul 22, 2020-

Further Processing of Sweet Melon Brings Higher Value to Inferior Melons

Recently, the melon is in season. Sweet melon not only tastes sweet, but also contains a lot of water and vitamins. However, due to the high sugar content of some cantaloupe, too much sugar leads to the split, taste difference can not be sold, it will become a tail melon. With the concentration of melon mature listing, a large number of tail melon also followed. The development of honeydew melon deep processing industry brings new economic benefits to tail melon.

In recent years, deep processing of honeydew melons has developed rapidly, making these unmarketable tail melons "turn waste into treasure". At present, the deep processing products of honeydew melon on the market are continuously enriched, including honeydew melon juice, honeydew melon slice, honeydew melon wine, honeydew melon seed oil and so on. The birth of these deep processing products, not without the assistance of related equipment.

For example, the production of melon juice requires the help of peeling machines, presses, filters, homogenizers and other equipment. Hot air drying equipment is often used in fruit drying production.

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In recent years, many melon planting areas began to realize the advantages and importance of deep processing, began to introduce food machinery construction deep processing projects.

With the implementation of key measures such as planting scale expansion, variety optimization and marketing, the industry chain of honeydew melon is gradually expanding. However, many farmers still suffer from the problem of tail melon. To solve this problem, we need to start with the construction of deep-processing projects to improve the utilization rate of tail melon and its economic value, so as to achieve industrial development and increase farmers' income.