Fruit Grading Equipment Helps Fruit Become More And More Popular

- Nov 19, 2020-

Fruit Grading Equipment Helps Fruit Become More and More Popular

As consumer demand for fruit products shifts to buying directly online, it also reflects higher demand for fruit quality. In the past, farmers picked fruit directly based on the appearance of simple screening, and then packaged it directly into practice, many fruits tend to look uneven and taste slightly different when ripe, and simple screening can lead consumers to obtain difficult and high-quality fruit from the same region.

In recent years, in order to improve the quality of fruit sales, establish a fruit industry brand, many regions have also begun to use fruit machines and other equipment for fruit intelligent processing. Currently, there are several types of fruits available in the market. Fruit sorting machines, such as spiral sorters are sorted according to the diameter of the fruit, mainly used for small fruits such as dates, apricots, cherry tomatoes, etc., and double-row fruit sorters are classified according to the weight of the computer, mainly applicable to apples, kiwis, citrus, dragon fruit and other larger fruits. In addition, there is a roller classifier that classifies materials according to their volume, mainly for round or cylindrical materials such as apples, oranges, oranges, and avocados that are not afraid to touch.


The widespread use of sorting equipment in fruit-producing areas can help fruit farmers improve fruit processing efficiency and realize the true route of online sales, not only to ensure the quality of fruit, but also to be delivered quickly to meet the needs of the fast consumer market.

With the high popularity of smart devices, fruit selection devices are constantly being improved and optimized to better help fruit-producing areas improve their fruit quality. As long as the rational use of modern machinery, the fruit industry can also usher in its own development.

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