Frozen Dough Sparks The New Development Of Baking Industry

- Jan 25, 2021-

Frozen Dough Sparks the New Development of Baking Industry

In recent years, frozen food has become more and more diversified, and its market has also ushered in new vitality under the guidance of the transformation of people's needs. It is worth noting that in addition to bringing convenient experience to people’s daily life products such as frozen dough also bring optimization and upgrading to the supply side of the baking industry by relying on the central factory model.

For a bakery store, all the processes such as dough mixing, fermentation, mixing, molding and baking need to be handled by oneself. A small store also needs to prepare a variety of baking materials and baking equipment. The upfront investment cost is relatively large, but the return time is difficult to estimate.

In this context, many food companies focus on creating semi-finished frozen dough for direct supply to bakery stores.

At present, frozen dough suppliers have set up their own central factories to mass-produce semi-finished frozen dough for various types of bread baking by introducing complete sets of dough mixer, mixer, starter box, shaping machine, packaging machine, cold storage, etc.

It is reported that a food enterprise has been able to produce butter bread, garlic bread, croissants, desserts and other diversified food, can fully meet the market demand.

Some merchants said that consumers are increasingly pursuing the freshness of bread, which brings a lot of pressure to the stores.

However, with the frozen dough, stores can quickly produce fresh bread according to the needs of the stores only by preparing the starter box and oven. Not only can the production cost be controlled, but the consistency of the taste and flavor of the frozen bread can also better retain customers for the stores.