From Meat To Meatball: Automatic Production Make Perfection Still More Perfect

- Jan 21, 2021-

From Meat to Meatball: Automatic Production Make Perfection Still More Perfect

With the rapid economic development in recent years, the traditional production and sales form of meatballs seems to have been difficult to meet people's large demand for meatballs.

Benefit from chopping machine, meatball machine and other automation equipment, small meatballs now also have the strength to do bigger and stronger.

A beef meatball production enterprise in the inheritance of traditional beef meatball production technology at the same time, focus on the traditional technology and modern production process integration.

It is reported that in the beef meatball processing workshop, to grease, segmentation, beating, molding and other processes have been grease machine, meat cutting machine and other automatic equipment to complete.

With the help of automatic meatball forming machine, all kinds of meatball products can also be knead into a standard product of the same size in appearance according to the demand.


And directly into the temperature control tank after molding for the next step of curing and final finalization, the whole production process is very smooth.

It is worth noting that in such a meatball production line, it only takes about 40 minutes from feeding to the final meatball forming, which greatly improves the production efficiency of high-quality meatball products.

Now, as the main consumer market quietly change, the market demand naturally not only to the past standards to look at.

With the consumer demand for meatballs and other food to convenient, efficient automatic production equipment will become to meet the market demand, and boost the meatball products to the industrialization of the key force.