Food Processing Machines On Sales

- Feb 25, 2021-

Food Processing Machines on Sales

What is the best way t develop this year’s business? Upgraded machine! We have prepared some great offers for the following Alibaba March Expo. to help you grasp the business chances at the beginning of the year.

Our offers consists of two part. One part is getting multifunctional two-head vegetable and fruit cutting machine with 30% off discount, getting YQC1000 vegetable cutting machine with 50% off discount and getting vegetable salad meat fruit fish washing machine with 50% off discount.


Another part is buying machines and getting high-value gifts. Buy meat processing machine and you’ll get a cart/ trolley/ wagon. Buy air bubble vegetable and fruit washing machine and you’ll get a vegetable and fruit cutting machine. Buy dough divider and you’ll get a spiral dough mixer. Buy vegetable fruit meat fish sausage medicine mushroom drying machines and you’ll get a trolley with 24 trays. Buy potato sweet potato taro yam cassava peeler peeling machine and you’ll get two brush rollers.

Watch our live streams and send inquiries, and then you’ll get these offers and gifts.   

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