Food Processing Machines For Increasing Pet Food Products

- Jun 06, 2020-

Food Processing Machines for Increasing Pet Food Products

It is reported that the domestic pet food market will reach 79.4 billion yuan in 2019. With the help of food machinery, the pet food industry will not only expand in number, but also in diversity.

Overview of pet food industry

Pet food can be divided into dry food, wet food and treats. Although the market for dry products is large, the corresponding competition is also more intense. Puffing process is mainly used in the production of dry food. Puffing process improves the palatability, nutrition and shelf life of pet food, which is widely used in the industry.

Although the dry food is convenient, but the starch content is high, the moisture content is low, cannot take care of the pet's nutrition comprehensively. Therefore, more nutritious wet grains are increasingly favored by pet owners. Wet grains are mostly in the form of whole or minced meat, with fresh materials and better palatability. Compared with dry foods, wet foods have more stringent preservation requirements and are usually packed in cans.

In the production process of wet grain, it needs to go through multiple procedures such as cleaning, batching, pre-cooking, cooling, canning, exhaust and sterilization. The equipment needed in the production includes cleaning machine, batching machine, pre-cooking machine, cooling line, canning machine, can sealing machine and sterilization pot, etc. With the help of these food processing equipment, the production of wet grain products has become highly automated and standardized, the production capacity has been greatly improved, and the quality has been better guaranteed.

How do I lay out a production line of pet foods?

We can see from the above that the main progresses of pet food processing is washing, boiling, blanching, cutting, mixing, grinding, disinfecting, etc. Therefore, highly automated machines are essentials to pet food processing factories. We recommend the following machines for you.

Taibo large capacity air bubble meat fish vegetable fruit washing machine

Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Washer Industrial

Brush-roller potato, sweet potato, carrot peeling and washing machine

Chicken, meat, pork, beef, fish, seafood grinder, mincer machine

1-2ton per hour Onion Ring Cutter,Onion Slicer,Onion Cutting Machine cutter

Meat Smoking Machine for industry smoking, boiling food/smoke house for meat processing

Commercial and industry electric meat blender mixer Stuffing mixing machine


Peoples increasing love to pets brings great opportunity to pet food industry. In the meantime, machines of advanced technologies and automation are getting more and more popular among manufactures. If you are interested, contact us and we offer not only machines but turnkey solutions.