Food Processing Equipment Promotes The Pear Industry

- Oct 20, 2020-

Food Processing Equipment Promotes the Pear Industry

As a fruit with both edible and medicinal value, pear is very common in daily life. Products such as pear drinks, canned pears and cough syrups also give us a glimpse of the rich and varied possibilities of pears in the field of deep processing.

From our daily life, we can find that the appearance level of fruit has a great influence on its sales volume and price. Pears of uniform size and color after being sorted by sorting equipment can fetch higher prices in boutique fruit and vegetable stores.

Taibo vegetable and fruit size and grading machine is suitable for various materials such as pear, apple, potato, sweet potato, etc. The machine can be integrated into production lines and can be customized according to your local voltage, factory size, capacity requirements, etc. If you need more information, please click the photo below for more information.


In addition to sorting pears according to their size, weight, sweetness and other indicators, canned pears are also relatively common pears deep processing products. Pears need to be cleaned, peeled, cut and other processing means to become the raw material for canned pears.

Secondly, the research and development and production of pear wine also greatly reduced the waste of small fruit ugly fruit in the processing process. The wine making process requires the use of large stainless steel wine tanks in which the sour pear wine ferments and ages to produce the final product of sour pear wine.

In addition to pear wine, in the market is very popular pear juice, pear cream, lozenges, soft candy and other products, these products can digest the phase, taste and other aspects of pear products are not enough, and effectively solve the problem of pear storage and transportation.

Thus, in the deep processing of pear, all kinds of food processing equipment is essential. Under the sweeping tide of deep processing of fruits in the future, there will be more pear-related products. Food machinery and equipment need to keep up with the trend and constantly develop more products to further promote the pear industry.

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