Food Machinery Promotes The Diversification Of Oats Products

- Jun 11, 2020-

Food Machinery Promotes the Diversification of Oats Products

In recent years, the per capita consumption of oats around the world has gradually increased, and the scale of the oatmeal market has expanded. Among them, the market size of breakfast cereal alone has exceeded 7 billion yuan. Breakfast oatmeal is a common oatmeal product in our daily life. It can be eaten by boiling hot water, hot milk and so on. It is very convenient and fast. In the production process, can be mixed with dried fruit, nuts and other ingredients, improve nutrition and taste richness. We can conclude that a single category of oat products can no longer meet the consumer demand, manufacturers need to use different production lines to produce various oats products.


The production technology of instant oatmeal is relatively rich, which firstly ripens the wheat grain after peeling and then rolls it.Or the wheat grain is expanded and sliced; Or after grinding, mixing pulp, dry film and so on. The equipment required is also very diverse, including wheat grain cooking equipment, drying equipment, tablet pressing equipment, swelling equipment, crushing equipment and so on. The application of automation equipment makes the production process simpler and the product becomes more mature.


Let’s take a close look at the machines necessary to oat industries.

Steaming and Boiling Machine

TYX-50 Meat Smoking Machine for industry smoking, boiling food

Meat Smoking Machine for industry smoking, boiling food/smoke house for meat processing

Vegetable and fruit blanching boiling machine

Cereals Grain Corn Potato Blanching Boiling Cooking Machine

Cutting Machine

electric semi-automatic mini vegetable cutting machine

1-2ton per hour Onion Ring Cutter,Onion Slicer,Onion Cutting Machine

chili circle cutting machine/chilli ring cutter/chilli ring cutting machine

Drying Machine

water droplets dry Conveyor Belt Type of vegetable drying machine

Industrial Hot Air Potato Carrot Mango Pineapple Vegetable Fruit Drying Dehydrator Machine

Commercial Hot Air Circulation Mango Drying Machine

Grinding Machine

Big frozen meat and fresh meat grinding machine,meat grinder and sausage maker

Commercial electric Food grade 304 stainless steel meat bowl cutter machine for meat chopping and mixing/ meat mixer

High Speed cereal oats grain meat bowl /Meat Bowl Chopper/ Meat cutter mixer machine


Taibo offers not only machines but also production lines and turnkey solutions. If you are interested in building a production line of various oats products, feel free to contact us.