Food Equipment Ensures The Production Of Dumplings

- Oct 13, 2020-

Food Equipment Ensures the Production of Dumplings

Dumplings are a traditional food loved by the Chinese people, and there are many different but similar products around the world like pelmeni, samosa, ravioli, wanton, etc. With the rapid pace of modern life, frozen dumplings are more and more favored by consumers. In this context, many enterprises have adopted advanced equipment for making skin, filling and dumplings, committed to improve the quick-frozen food technology, improve the dumpling making process.

Generally speaking, the making process of dumplings can be divided into three parts: making wrapper, filling and making dumplings.

To make wrapper, we need to go through a variety of steps, such as mixing and pressing. In recent years, with the rapid development and application of food machinery and equipment, many industrial dumpling manufacturers have adopted dough mixer, noodle press, dumpling wrappers and other machines. The production of fillings mainly includes cleaning, cutting, and other steps. At present, the cleaning equipment can clean not only fruits and vegetables, but also meat and poultry food materials. It adopts technologies such as rolling, scrubbing and spraying to effectively clean the stains of food materials. In addition, many dumpling manufacturers have already used cutting machine, greatly improving the efficiency of cutting vegetables.

Moreover, when mixing and stirring dumpling stuffing of large quantity, manual stirring is hard to meet the requirement. Enterprises generally choose to use automatic stuffing machine, stuffing machine operation is simple, fast and uniform stirring speed, which can effectively improve the efficiency of dumpling production enterprises.


At present, the large industrial dumpling manufacturing enterprises mostly use dumpling forming machine to make dumpling. In the production of dumplings, it is possible to adjust the thickness of the dough and the amount of filling, the output of dumplings, which greatly saves time.

To sum up, mechanized dumpling production equipment can not only ensure food safety, but also improve production efficiency. Dumpling manufacturers should actively introduce new technologies to provide consumers with better consumption experience.