First Online Trade Show Of 2010

- Jan 09, 2021-

First Online Trade Show of 2010

We had our first online trade show of 2021 on Thursday. This time, we got all of our co-workers involved and everyone did a good job. Our sales team, which is very knowledgeable and experienced in our machines and solving customers’ questions, introduced our vegetable and fruit washing machine, potato peeling machine, dough divider, dough rounder, meat bowl chopper, meat mixing machine, frozen meat dicing machine, hot air circulation drying machine for vegetable, fruit, meat, mushroom etc. and other machines. If you are interested in our live streaming or our machines, please comment or contact us. 


The first online trade show of 2021 was a great success. May all of our followers have a wonderful year. In this year, we'll stick to our enterprise values and provide more advanced and useful machines for customzers all over the world.