Fermentation And Extraction Equipment Promotes The Scientific And Technological Development Of Pitaya Fruit

- Aug 18, 2020-

Fermentation and Extraction Equipment Promotes the Scientific and Technological Development of Pitaya Fruit

In recent years, pitaya fruit industry, and gradually become an important part of the fruit market.The whole body of pitaya fruit is treasure. Through low-temperature fermentation and extraction equipment for further processing, the added value of products can be further improved and the income increased, and the technological development of pitaya fruit industry can also be realized, so as to promote the industry to become bigger and stronger.

Pitaya fruit is mild in texture, fragrant in taste, sweet and juicy but not greasy, and has a high nutritional value is very popular among consumers, and among all kinds of fruits, ranking has been high.

With the improvement of living standards, consumers' demands are also constantly improving. In order to better improve the quality of pitaya fruit, a processing production line is being built here. Cleaning, grading and processing are quickly completed on an assembly line, and then cold chain transportation is carried out to ensure the fresh quality of products.

Not only selling fresh fruit, pitaya fruit body is treasure, flowers contain polysaccharides, saponins and other functional components, can be viewed or dried after making tea, soup;The pulp can be directly eaten fresh, or processed into enzyme products, wine, jam, frozen dry products, etc.The peel is rich in anthocyanin, which can be extracted by grinding, extraction, distillation, dissolution, filtration, concentration, drying and other processes.Pitaya seed contains a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid and so on, and has high development and utilization value.

Generally speaking, enzymes, anthocyanins and other deep-processed dragon fruit products are sensitive to temperature in the process of fermentation and extraction. Fermentation and extraction under high temperature conditions are bound to destroy the nutrients in the products, and at the same time have a certain impact on the flavor, taste and quality of the products, which also limits the development of the industry.It is understood that an enterprise with independent research and development of fermentation, extraction technology, and the introduction of advanced low-temperature fermentation tank, low-temperature extraction tank, the production of enzymes, anthocyanin products of high nutritional value.

The author understands that the low-temperature fermentation and extraction equipment is improved and upgraded on the traditional equipment. The low-temperature equipment can realize the low-temperature fermentation and extraction in the fermentation and extraction process of the flesh and skin of fire dragon, so as to avoid the loss of nutrients caused by high temperature conditions and fully lock the original flavor and taste.In addition, the low-temperature fermentation and extraction equipment has high production efficiency and high speed, which can reduce energy consumption. In addition, the production process is pollution-free and cleanly produced to ensure product quality.

Pitaya fruit with its rich nutritional value, delicate taste, unique flavor by the majority of consumers favor, and support many local fruit farmers to make rich dream.And further increase the added value of products through deep processing to achieve economic and social benefits.Relevant enterprises should also strengthen the research and development of fermentation, extraction and other technologies and equipment, so as to provide strong technical support for further processing and realize the scientific and technological development of pitaya fruit industry.