Enlarged Milk Tea Market Promotes The Upgrade Of Raw Materials Equipment

- Jun 30, 2020-

Enlarged Milk Tea Market Promotes the Upgrade of Raw Materials Equipment

Tea companies began to pay attention to raw materials that are healthier than before. From tea powder to tea leaves, from milk powder to fresh milk, the upstream manufacturers are now faced up with higher production requirements of raw materials.

Milk tea,as its name implies, its raw materials include milk and tea. For a cup of milk tea, a good tea base is the most important thing. It is believed that the former milk tea is mainly made of tea powder, raw materials are cheap, but the taste is not satisfactory. Nowadays, in order to satisfy consumers' pursuit for high-quality milk tea, many milk tea shops have abandoned tea powder and started to use tea soup made from tea leaves.

It is reported that tea extraction technology is a relatively new technology applied in the deep processing of tea in China. It is based on the raw material of refined tea or semi-finished tea, extracting soluble substances from tea leaves with hot water, and obtaining tea juice after filtration, cooling, clarification, blending and subsequent processing. A tea extraction system developed by a Company in Singapore can be continuously and automatically operated, with a processing capacity of 6000 ~ 12000L/h, and the content of tea polyphenols and caffeine is 15% and 60% higher than that of traditional methods on average.

Besides tea, milk is also a key factor in the taste of milk tea. Fresh milk is usually a liquid milk product that is pasteurized and stored in cold storage.Pasteurization, which inactivates harmful bacteria in milk by heating it at 63℃ for 30 minutes, or at 75~90℃ for 15~16 seconds, preserves only a few bacteria that are harmless to humans. And because of the low temperature of sterilization, the taste of milk does not change.

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The milk tea industry is ushering in a critical period of development opportunities. The use of raw materials such as fresh milk and extracted tea in milk tea has brought new market development space for its upstream raw material industry. Follow us for more food industry information.