Drying Machine Improves The Quality Of Anise

- Dec 15, 2020-

Drying Machine Improves the Quality of Anise

Drying plays an important role in the large-scaled production of anise. Recently, with the development of hot air circulation drying machine, processing anise is becoming more and more efficient and costs saving.
Hot air circulation dryer drying machine has accurate temperature and humidity control. During processing, anise needs to be dries at specific temperature for a while. The hot air circulation drying machine dryer can be used to control the full parameters of the property, can control the appropriate temperature, to avoid the damage of raw materials in the processing.

At the same time, drying in the constant temperature environment of the star anise color can basically keep a good tan, the overall sense of color is better.


Although octagonal is small, it is a popular condiment in the market. The quality of the product is related to people's health.

With the application of heat pump dryer, anise dried fruit processing industry has the support of modern equipment, abandon harmful sulfur smoke anise process, the industry can have a better low cost, high quality, healthy modern processing level.

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