Drying And Sorting Equipment Accelerates The Automation Of Grape Industry

- Jun 09, 2020-

Drying and Sorting Equipment Accelerates the Automation of Grape Industry

Recently, it’s been the season for grapes of different varieties. Grape is a very old fruit with a long history of cultivation. Moreover, grapes are becoming more and more popular among deep processed products like raisins, wine and so on. Among them, raisins is the most common form of grape preservation. With the help of automatic food machinery, the production technology of raisins has gradually moved from traditional sun to industrial production.

Raisins are sweet and sour and easy to store. It is one of the favorite snacks around the world. At the same time, relying on the advantages of natural environment, China is also one of the largest producers of raisins. In addition to being eaten as a snack, raisins are also an important ingredient in baking, catering and other fields, and annual consumption continues to increase. According to the research report, domestic average consumption of raisins is expected to reach 0.21kg by 2020.

Currently, the food machinery that can be applied to the production of raisins includes cleaning equipment, drying equipment, sorting equipment, sterilization equipment, etc., so that all processes of raisins from raw materials to finished products can run automatically, reducing manual participation while improving efficiency, and reducing the probability of food contamination.

Taibo has a wide range of machines that can be used to produce raisins. We recommend the following machines for you and your raisin business. The temperature can be from atmospheric temperature to 450 ℃. Water or steam heat: 50-150℃. Hot blast stove and heat conductive oil heat:50~300℃.

We have:

①Raisin Wood Seafood Mango Hot Air Vegetable Fruit Drying Dehydrator Machine

②Industrial Hot Air Potato Carrot Mango Pineapple Vegetable Fruit Drying Dehydrator Machine

③Stainless steel Hot Air Circulation Mango Drying Machine

④Automatic temperature control Hot Air Vegetable Fruit Drying Dehydrator Machine with trays

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