Differences Between Standardized Production And Non-Standardized Production Of Food Processing Machines

- Mar 04, 2021-

Differences Between Standardized Production and Non-Standardized Production of Food Processing Machines

At the beginning of March, we did a live stream, displaying our two workshops, one is for standardized production and the other one is for non-standardized production.

In our workshop for standardized production, we can build machines with the same specifications effectively and ensure the accuracy and precision of machines. That also proves that we have the ability to take ODM and OEM orders. In our workshop for non-standardized production, we can customize the machine as to customers requirements like voltage, dimension, material, capacity. That proves we have the ability to customize and develop new products. During the live stream, we still displayed some machines like our vegetable meat fruit mushroom chili hot air circulation drying machine.


If you missed out on our live stream and want to learn more about our standardized production workshop and non-standardized production workshop. Please click the link below to watch it. 

👉Live Stream Replay: https://watch.alibaba.com/v/f39f7098-0625-4be2-9963-f5d7a449f6f9?referrer=sellerConsuleShare?referrer=SellerCopy