Development Of Vegetable Washing Machine

- Aug 17, 2018-

When it comes to vegetable cleaning, the traditional way is undoubtedly to use tap water, brine, rice washing water, detergent soaking cleaning, slightly lazy may only be flushed with tap water. Facts have proved that fruits and vegetables contain unequal amounts of pesticides, preservatives, chemical preservatives, growth hormone and other chemical residues, which are invisible to the naked eye "danger" is really worrying. Some experts said that if properly operated, the traditional method will play a certain cleaning effect, but there will still be ineffective or cause the risk of secondary pollution. Therefore, the existence of vegetable washing machine is necessary, but also used to improve the quality of food safety is a good helper.

Vegetable washing machine mainly uses ozone water to decompose harmful residues of fruits and vegetables, thus playing a highly effective disinfection and degradation of pesticides, ensuring food safety, and promoting human health. In the eyes of many consumers, the rise of vegetable cutters, steamed bread machines, potato peelers and other machines in recent years seems to have dispelled people's concerns and concerns about food safety. The reality is not the case, a large number of fruits and vegetables surface residues of pesticides, bacteria, heavy metals and other substances, because the eye is invisible but ignored.