Development Of Quick-frozen Egg Tart Puff Pastry Leads To The Upsurge Of Bakery Industry

- Jan 05, 2021-

Development of Quick-frozen Egg Tart Puff Pastry Leads to the Upsurge of Bakery Industry

  Egg tart production technology is relatively simple, only the production of egg tart skin, egg liquid, baking three major processes.

  It is well known that the quality of the thousand-layer skin on the outside of the egg tart has an important influence on the overall flavor of the egg tart. The production of egg tart skin needs to go through dough, rolling dough, baking and other links, and people can be simple is obviously completely inconsistent with the demand of simplicity. Taibo has developed specific machines for bakery industry like Taibo spiral dough mixer, Taibo conical dough rounder, Taibo dough cutter and divider, etc. We use SUS304 stainless steel to build our machines to ensure the food health and safety. And Taibo machines are all high automatic and accurate.


  The egg tart skin production line consists of flour mixer, pastry maker, egg tart cutting machine, egg tart molding machine and other processing equipment, which provides a reliable environment for achieving high quality and standardized production. In addition, as one of the quick-frozen products, quick-frozen egg tart skin naturally can not lack the support of cold storage equipment.

  Egg tarts are made by mixing flour, butter and water and rolling. After processing, they need to be refrigerated quickly. Otherwise, they cannot be stored for a long time.

  At present, with the increasing demand for convenient products, many types of quick-frozen products appear.

For example, the production and processing technology of the quick-frozen egg tarts are being improved, and the processing equipment is gradually improved, so as to better meet the demand of modern consumption.

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