Dehydrating Technology Solves The Hot Potato Of Fruit Processing And Production

- Nov 03, 2020-

Dehydrating Technology Solves the Hot Potato of Fruit Processing and Production

China is a large country of fruit production and consumption in the world, with abundant fruit varieties, and the planting area and output of various fruits are in the forefront of the world. However, in the whole fruit industry chain, there are still some problems in China's fruit industry, such as unmarketable fruits, large storage and transportation losses, and high costs, which not only reduce the income of farmers, but also limit the rapid development of the industry with high quality.

Among them, unsalable fruit is a long-standing "pain point" in China's fruit industry. Every year, some fruits such as apples, peaches and watermelons are unsalable in many places, and the phenomenon of "harvest does not increase income" often occurs. Therefore, at present, fruit processing has become an important grasp of the industry pain points.

It is known that China's fruit processing industry has a long history, especially the processing of wine, dried fruit, candied fruit has a history of thousands of years. It is said that people have long used natural drying or simple artificial dehydration to make dried fruit, such as raisins, dried dates, litchi dried, persimmon and so on. With the continuous progress of drying technology, dried fruit processing technology, equipment significantly improved and upgraded.

Fruit processing to the fruit processing industry in our country not only provides a new development trend, help to crack long-standing "pain points" industry, promote the continuous and healthy development of the industry and under the help of vacuum freeze-drying technology, bring the market more healthy nutrition, the original freeze-dried dried fruit products, enrich the consumers' taste buds to enjoy.