Deep Processing Technologies Are Needed To Solve The Fluctuating Prices Of Eggs

- Aug 15, 2020-

Deep Processing Technologies Are Needed to Solve the Fluctuating Prices of Eggs

In recent days, the rapidly rising price of eggs has attracted attention. People concerned expressed that this was due to the "collision" between the low season of egg supply and the peak season of consumer demand, resulting in price fluctuations, which is a normal situation. Eggs are an important food in our daily diet. They have high nutritional value and are an important source of nutrients for human body. In addition to fresh food, egg deep processing is also an important link in the industrial chain.

It is understood that the egg deep processing industry is facing two major problems: poor product diversity and low application rate of egg deep processing technology. Enterprises in the industry should start from these two aspects to optimize the industrial chain. Eggs are very maneuverable in deep processing. For example, the emulsification of eggs can be used to make dressing such as salad dressing and mayonnaise. The heat denaturation and solidification of eggs also make it can be used as a thickening agent in various meat products such as binder and noodle products. In addition, egg can be separated into egg white powder and egg yolk powder, can be added to functional foods.

Secondly, the application of egg deep processing technology needs to be accelerated. An egg is mainly composed of three parts: the yolk, the white and the shell. All three are capable of deep processing and use different production techniques according to different production requirements. At present, food science and technology develops rapidly, can be used in egg deep processing technology is not a few, such as homogenizer, emulsifier, separator, dryer and so on.

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With the increase of egg production year by year, egg deep processing has become a barrier in front of the development of the industry.In this regard, egg deep processing enterprises should develop more egg deep processing products, such as functional yolk powder, protein powder, egg white slice, mayonnaise and so on.Relevant food machinery manufacturers also need to speed up the development and application of deep processing technology to meet the needs of industrial upgrading.