Compressed Solid Milk Becomes The Hit Of Children’s Snack

- Aug 03, 2020-

Compressed Solid Milk Becomes the Hit of Children’s Snack

 Recently, the children snack market is hot, and tends to personalized, healthy development.As a relatively healthy snack, milk tablet has great development potential in children's snack industry.And, the relevant standards and regulations and the maturity of production technology, also make the production of the modulation milk become standardized.

Modulating milk tablet is the milk tablet, which is made of fresh milk or milk powder as the main raw material, with the right amount of auxiliary materials, and by mixing, pressing and packaging.Milk tablet contains certain protein, calcium and other nutritional elements, can be used as a supplement of nutrition outside the meal.

When processing milk tablets, it is necessary to press and tighten the high content milk powder.Therefore, in the milk film production, the pressing and shaping equipment is very critical.It is an automatic continuous production equipment for pressing granular materials into various circles, abnormals and graphic pieces with characters, symbols and so on.At present, the market can be divided into a single punch press, basket press, rotary press, sub-high-speed rotary press, automatic high-speed press and rotary core press, etc.

At present, there are many presser manufacturers, but there are also a series of problems, including low technical content, insufficient technical innovation and so on.Although many enterprises are launching new products, in the new products, the phenomenon of repeated development is serious, and there are few truly innovative technologies and equipment to improve the technical level.Therefore, the press equipment manufacturers to get out of the dilemma of repeated development, innovation production technology, to high-speed high yield, sealing, modularization, automation, scale and other directions.

Milk tablets are not a new product. Many dairy companies were producing milk tablets more or less many years ago. However, the market for milk tablets was small at that time and it was only used as an auxiliary product.Nowadays, dairy companies regard milk tablets as the opening mouth of children's snack market, and the scale of the industry will be further expanded in the future.As an important equipment in the production, the market space will be further expanded.