Cleaning And Drying Equipment Help Nori Snacks Become Healthy

- Jun 20, 2020-

Cleaning and Drying Equipment Help Nori Snacks Become Healthy

Nori contains rich minerals and vitamins and other nutrients.Now, nori snack market rapid development, promote the expansion of the relevant production equipment market.

The production technology of nori usually includes salt-burning, salt-burning, deep-frying and so on. In order to realize automatic and refined production of nori, many enterprises have introduced automatic production equipment.Cleaning equipment is very important in the process of nori turning into nori.As we all know, laver grows in the sea, and when it is harvested, it will inevitably be left with such sundries as salt, seaweed, sand and so on.So before production, to use the cleaning equipment to clean it.

People use high pressure spray washing machine and conveyor belt washing machine for laver. The machine can achieve the cleaning fluid spray washing, water spray rinse, fan water, hot air drying and other functions.The equipment belongs to continuous production equipment, which can be cleaned automatically and continuously in large quantities, which improves the cleaning efficiency of laver and achieves better cleaning effect at the same time.

After laver is cleaned, it is about to enter formal production process.It is reported that the current market nori production technology is divided into two, one is the pretreatment of the raw materials for drying, drying after cutting;The other is to cut the pre-prepared laver and then dry it.The advantages and disadvantages of the two methods vary, but drying and cutting equipment are critical no matter which method of production is used.

Taibo has a wide range of machines for washing, cutting and drying laver. For example, we got Industrial Air Bubble Vegetable Washing Machine for Big Capacity, Industrial Air Bubble Vegetable Washing Machine for Big Capacity, Potato or apple vegetable and fruit washing machines,/ Ozone Fruit and Vegetable Washer, commercial food processor high capacity output vegetable and fruit peeling and washing machines, Leafy Vegetable Cutting Machine, Leafy Vegetable Cutter,chili circle cutting machine/chilli ring cutter/chilli ring cutting machine, electric plantain cutting slicing machine YQC2000, water droplets dry Conveyor Belt Type of vegetable drying machine, Industrial Hot Air Potato Carrot Mango Pineapple Vegetable Fruit Drying Dehydrator Machine, Hot Air Circulation Industrial Fruit and Vegetable Drying Machine.

When snack companies launch nori products, the industry competition is more severe. How to win market share in the competition requires enterprises to upgrade the processing technology of nori, such as cleaning, drying and cutting, so as to bring different flavor and taste to nori products.