Chestnut Shelling Machine Breaks The Development Bottleneck Of Nut Industry

- Nov 28, 2020-

Chestnut Shelling Machine Breaks the Development Bottleneck of Nut Industry

In recent years, on the basis of resource advantage, many places concentrated on the development of deep processing industry, and constantly extend the chestnut processing industry chain, improve the added value of products, and the industry to become a pillar industry, accelerate the development of deep processing industry. The masses got rich out of poverty. The use of chestnut shell-stripping machine effectively breaks the bottleneck restricting the development of deep-processing industry and solves the problem of chestnut shell-stripping.

It is said that some processing plants still rely on hand-shelling. Experienced workers can be quickly and efficiently shelled, but there are also problems such as unstable quality, sanitation and manual cutting, such as the ugly and incomplete appearance of chestnuts after shelling. There is no doubt that chestnut labor time, labor costs are high, the quality is unstable, to a certain extent, limit the industrialization and large-scale development of chestnuts.

At present, chestnut shell remover is specially developed for chestnut shelling, effectively breaking through the bottleneck of chestnut shelling, from manual shelling to automation, mechanized upgrading. It is understood that chestnut shell-stripping machine has high precision, speed, high efficiency characteristics. It is 12-16 times more efficient than skilled workers and has a shelling speed of more than 200 kg per hour. In addition, the machine's granulation rate and cleaning rate are more than 98%. Chestnuts have small damage, high integrity, beauty and smoothness.


With the improvement of consumption, high-quality chestnut deep processing products will become more and more popular in the market. In the process of chestnut shelling, shell shelling will replace manual operation, not only improve efficiency and quality, but also help to reduce the labor costs of enterprises, help promote the development and industrialization of chestnut processing scale, and help the industry to become bigger and stronger.

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