Chenpi Processing Turns Into Industrial Production Owing To Washing Machine And Drying Machine

- Feb 02, 2021-

Chenpi Processing Turns Into Industrial Production Owing To Washing Machine and Drying Machine

As people pay more and more attention to health and physiology, in addition to the common slugs, Chenpi, dried seasoned citrus peel has also become a hot sell this winter. Thanks to fruit washers, dryers and other holdings, all over chenpi is also improving the quality to meet market demand.

Chenpi processing includes picking, peeling, turning skin, drying, packaging, dation and so on. In recent years, enterprises to introduce fruit washing machine, breaking the fresh fruit direct peeling processing of the inherent model. On this basis, with today's food drying process is constantly optimized, the drying process obviously also has a better solution. It is understood that the chenpi production area has now introduced heat pump dryers, vacuum dryers and other drying equipment, the chenpi standardized processing, and this not only can better improve production efficiency and product added value, but also related data show that mechanized processing will not have too much impact on chenpi nutrients, flavor and so on.


In addition, taking into account the traditional cartons, sacks and other storage of Chenpi, will bring flavor impact to the Chenpi 1000 process, in recent years, many Chenpi production areas also focus on the use of vacuum packaging machine to package Chenpi, in order to better protect Chenpi fragrance.