Central Kitchen Greatly Reduces Food Waste

- Aug 21, 2020-

Central Kitchen Greatly Reduces Food Waste

To the extent that the economic boom of recent decades has exacerbated food waste, many places are taking action to stop it in the dining room. But in fact, the waste phenomenon in the process of making meals should not be underestimated, catering enterprises also need to make corresponding changes.

Industry insiders say the creation of a central kitchen may help food and beverage companies reduce waste in the production process. The central kitchen has changed the traditional meal production process and made meals in the form of centralized procurement and unified production, which can not only reduce a large amount of waste in the current meal production, but also improve the efficiency of food circulation and avoid blind planting and procurement.

The central kitchen has gained widespread popularity among chain catering enterprises. In the central kitchen, concentrated processing is the key.Centralized processing improves the comprehensive utilization ability of raw materials, and the leftover materials can be used through reprocessing to reduce waste and thus reduce costs. And now, a wide variety of food machinery has made the production process of the central kitchen more standardized and industrialized.

It is reported that there are a lot of equipment used in the central kitchen. For example, the cutting and cleaning assembly line of vegetables includes the following equipment: conveyor belt selection table, multi-function vegetable cutting machine, elevator, eddy current cleaning machine, vibration asphalt air dryer, etc. In the cooking segment, automatic cooking machines, ovens, packaging machines and other equipment is also very popular. In addition, there are refrigeration and refrigeration facilities to store raw materials before processing and to produce finished or semi-finished products that have been packed but not yet delivered to the chain stores.

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In the two decades from 1980 to 2000, as the world's population grew, global demand for food increased steadily, food production reached record highs, incomes rose and diets diversified.As a result, global food prices fell until the year 2000.But since the start of 2004, most food prices have risen.Although grain production has increased, demand has risen even faster.Curbing food waste therefore requires the world's people to act together.Catering stores also need to use the central kitchen to strengthen management in various links such as catering acquisition, production and processing, so as to effectively reduce losses and waste.