Brewing Equipment Solves Problems About Seasonal Fruits

- Oct 27, 2020-

Brewing Equipment Solves Problems About Seasonal Fruits

Seasonal fruits such as peaches, which are not easy to store, can be dried by hot air drying box equipment, or can be made by brewing equipment, distiller, etc.   

Summer is the season for fruits. People joyfully enjoy seasonal fruits like grapes, peach, strawberry, etc. However, due to the changing relationship between demand and supply, transportation, markets, seasonal fruits can not be sold timely, which causes great loss to farmers. If people really want to change seasonal fruits into reliable and steady profit to farmer, they have to extend and industrial chain and expand the deep processing scale to improve the added values of seasonal fruits.

Seasonal fruits like peaches are hard to store for a long time. Thus we can make dried fruits with hot air circulation drying machine or make fruit wines by marinating fruit. Before deep processing, fruits have to be washed and cut. Automatic machines are necessary to large-scaled production. Today, we are going to introduce the air bubble washing machine and cutting machine for you. We have various models for different capacity. Thus we can offer turnkey solution no matter how large your plant is.

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Taibo bubble washing machine is mainly used for leafy vegetables stem vegetables and fruits. Both complete materials and cut materials can be washed. It features:                                                                                                                                   1. High-pressure bubbles wash materials thoroughly like handwashing, causing no damage to materials.                             2. Spraying valves above the pool clean materials from above.                                                                                               3. Spraying valves at the lifting part can be connected to tap water for secondary cleaning of materials.                               4. Washed materials are automatically lifted and conveyed to the next process or container.                                                 5. The speed can be controlled freely by the frequency converter.

Moreover, Taibo has developed various cutting equipment. CHD100 dicing machine is one of our best sellers. It is suitable for dicing and shredding fruits, vegetables and pickles etc. The machine features:

1. This machine features compound cutters, one-step forming and high forming rate. Materials that are cut up have regular shapes and smooth cut surface.

2. Main components are made of stainless steel and aluminium-magnesium alloy to guarantee long service life and corrosion resistance, meeting food safety standards.

3. Streamlined outlet, conforming to the movement track of materials, prevents materials from splashing and bumping.

4. Normal cutting size is cubes of 5m³ and 10m³. Other sizes can be customized.

Both the washing machine and cutting machine can be of much help in the deep processing of seasonal fruits. 

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