Biscuit Consumption Leads To The Development Of Multifunctional Equipment

- Sep 10, 2020-

Biscuit Consumption Leads to the Development of Multifunctional Equipment

In the hungry and sleepy afternoon, to a packet of biscuits to replenish vitality is many people's choice. In the new era, the leisure snack industry is facing high pressure of competition, and the cookie market is also accelerating the pace of transformation and upgrading. In order to adapt to high-end and diversified production demands, biscuit production equipment also needs further innovation.

As a kind of snack, biscuits are convenient to eat and easy to carry. They have become an indispensable food in our daily diet. With the development of automation technology, biscuit production has been fully automated. The steps of batching, mixing powder, dough mixing, shaping, baking, finishing, cooling, packaging and packing can all be replaced by automatic equipment. And no matter from taste, quality, or kind, automatic production equipment can guarantee the quality. However, with the trend of high-end and diversified biscuit market becoming more and more obvious, biscuit manufacturers have raised their requirements on equipment, which brings new challenges to related equipment.

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At present, the realization of multifunctional production has become one of the development goals of biscuit production equipment. Biscuits on the market can be divided into two main categories: toughness biscuits and cookies. It usually takes a long time to prepare the dough for toughness biscuits. The dough is extended and molded by rolling, usually with pinhole impression. The cookie dough, on the other hand, is elastic and usually has a pattern of raised stripes on the surface.

In order to satisfy the production of both kinds of biscuits at the same time, some enterprises have realized the dual functions of roller cutting and roller printing on the equipment, so that the equipment can flexibly switch between the production of toughness biscuits and crisp biscuits. It is worth mentioning that some foreign advanced multifunctional equipment is not only limited to roll cutting, roll printing dual functions, but to achieve roll printing, roll cutting, cascading, extrusion, steel wire cutting and other functions. For the domestic related equipment manufacturers, in the multifunctional aspects also need to increase research and development efforts.

In recent years, the market environment to a large extent began to stimulate biscuit manufacturers to upgrade the variety, packaging, taste, function and so on. At the same time, it also accelerates the innovation and upgrade of biscuit production equipment. For domestic biscuit production equipment manufacturers, to strengthen their own research and development ability, pay attention to the development of multifunctional equipment, improve the technical content of equipment.