Benefit Of Vacuum Tumbling Machine To Production Of Roast Chicken

- Sep 18, 2020-

Benefit of Vacuum Tumbling Machine to Production of Roast Chicken

How to make delicious roast chicken? The top priority in producing roast chicken, duck, chicken leg and other foods is marination. But how can they be marinated and seasoned quickly and thoroughly? Only by solving these problems can enterprises make delicious food.

Roast chicken is popular among the whole word. Ant the only way to make better marination is using a vacuum meat tumbling machine. Marinating under vacuum inhibits the growth and reproduction of microorganisms and reduce the chance of oxidation and spoilage. Tumbling under vacuum allows chickens to expand and soften, making finished products taste better. Under vacuum, chickens are fluffy, which is conducive to the absorption of marinade, thereby improving the water retention and tenderness of products. The color is naturally beautiful. Products in the process of equipment used to turn the break and play the role of a make meat fleeciness, exquisite taste of the roast chicken to supple, delicious.

Taibo vacuum tumbling machine is perfectly suitable for marinating kinds of meat. It features:

The whole machine, including drum, frame etc., is all made of 304 stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant and durable, meeting food safety standards. 

Thickened drum and strengthened frame, both made of 304 stainless steel, guarantee no deformation and prolong the machine's service life.

●Branded high-quality vacuum pump guarantees the vacuum level and makes a better tumbling effect.

●Ingenious techniques of welding, processing and assembling guarantee a stable performance of the machine.  

Soft start of the frequency converter guarantees the smooth operation of the machine.

Function of power-off memory. During tumbling process, if the machine is suddenly disconnected, the computer controller will automatically memorize the time. Press the "Tumble" button after power-on and the machine will continue to tumble according to the time before power-off.


In conclusion, marination under vacuum is necessary to the production of roast chickens. If your are interested in roast chicken industry and meat processing industry, please feel free to contact us.