Baking And Roasting Technologies Add Flavor To Ready-to-Drink Coffee

- Jan 19, 2021-

Baking and Roasting Technologies Add Flavor to Ready-to-Drink Coffee

With the upgrading of consumption, consumers' demands for the health, flavor and quality of coffee drinks are increasing day by day. Traditional instant coffee can no longer meet the market demand. Ready coffee, which is portable, tastes similar to freshly ground coffee and has good flavor and taste, rapidly occupies the market, which also brings new profit growth points for beverage enterprises.

In order to enhance the flavor and taste of coffee and improve product quality, it is crucial to improve the processing of coffee beans to the release and retain of the aroma of ready-to-drink coffee.

Professional roasters are used in the roasting process of ready-to-drink coffee, with precise temperature control device. By accurately controlling the temperature and time of roasting coffee beans, the aroma of coffee is fully locked.

Taibo nut roasting and baking machine is suitable for roasting and baking various nuts like cashew, peanut, macadamia, filbert, pecan, chestnut, coffee beans. Heating source of this machine can be electric, gas and coal. The machine features automatic temperature device, which ensures the roasting and baking effect. And the machine can discharge materials automatically, which is very convenient and labor saving. Last but not least, the machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is very solid and has long service life.


For coffee users, coffee consumption will change from functional demand to emotional demand, such as upgrading from refreshing demand to flavor, taste and quality demand, and from product consumption to scene consumption.

Ready-to-drink coffee meets the needs of the new generation of consumers. In the future, more consumption scenarios may be opened, and the market has a large space for increase.

And the improvement of roasting and cold brewing technology, namely the flavor and quality of drinking coffee are also constantly improved to better meet the needs of the consumer market.

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