Automatic Sausage Filling Machine Is Essential To Sausage Industry

- Jan 28, 2021-

Automatic Sausage Filling Machine is Essential to Sausage Industry

Sausages have a long history of development around the world, mainly using pig's small intestine or large intestine coat as the basis, poured into the seasoned meat and smoked to obtain. In terms of sausage production process, mostly related to raw material cleaning, meat, seasoning, mixing, irrigation, knots, smoking and other links.

Among them, irrigation can be called a relatively complex step in sausage making. Pork intestine clothing is relatively thin, meat irrigation must grasp the strength and feeding degree, to avoid too tight resulting in intestinal clothing rupture. At the same time, the enema should not be too loose, otherwise the smoked sausage will lack some flavor in the taste.

However, with the admission of today's automatic enemas, there is a basic guarantee of good-quality sausages.


It is reported that a sausage production plant in the traditional flavoring, smoking process, based on the focus on the introduction of a number of automated processing equipment such as enemas, meat kebasers, blenders, wire-wiring machines. Among them, the automatic enema machine in the process of irrigation, can be a constant speed adjustment of the rate of irrigation, not only the sausages produced by the filling more tight, full, the overall irrigation efficiency has also been greatly improved. At the same time, the factory with the line machine for production, but also to further enhance the smoothness of the whole process of sausage filling.

With today's growing consumer demand for annual items such as sausages, standardized sausage production will also bring consumers a trusted, guaranteed premium flavor.

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