Automatic Production Improves The Quality Of Moon Cakes

- Sep 17, 2020-

Automatic Production Improves the Quality of Moon Cakes

Approaching the Mid-Autumn Festival, the moon cake market again active, the moon cake sales battle has quietly started. However, no matter how the development of the moon cake market, we must put a good Mid-Autumn moon cake product quality and safety.

Nowadays, the whole process of automatic production and management covers the processing processes from material preparation to baking, packaging and so on, and strictly controls the whole process of food safety risks. Moon cake shall cover and filling machine, bag making, molding, baking, cooling, packaging, metal detection, monomer gas sampling measurement, the overall packaging, sampling, inspection and so on dozens of strict production process, automated operation, at the same time, according to the product status timely adjust and modify the process parameters, to ensure the quality of moon cakes batch standard, unified.

Taibo stuffing mixing machine is specially designed for mixing meat, vegetable, dessert and other materials. It features:

The whole machine, including the shell, frame and hopper, is completely made of SUS304 stainless steel, which is anti-corrosion and durable, meeting international standards of food industry.

Two 304 stainless steel shafts enable four mixing directions, which makes the mixing more even and efficient.

Fan-shaped mixing blades of 304 stainless steel can tenderize materials while stirring.

Bearings and bearing seats of 304 stainless steel greatly extend the machine's service life.
Two motors of copper core perform effectively, powerfully, safely and durably with low energy consumption.
Easy operation---Gently rotate the direction button to achieve four mixing directions.

Materials can be discharged automatically through discharging outlet, which is convenient and labor-saving. 


To ensure the quality and safety of moon cakes at the source, we should also strictly control the quality of raw materials and the whole production process and the technology. At the same time, strictly control the production of each link at the same time, through improving the automation level of moon cake production, reduce too much manual participation, to ensure the quality of moon cake is an important driving force.