Automatic Production Ensures The Quality Of Starch And Fenpi

- Nov 06, 2020-

Automatic Production Ensures the Quality of Starch and Fenpi

Fenpi, a type of jelly-like sheet pasta made from bean or sweet potato starch, is a traditional Chinese food. Its main raw materials are rice, sweet potato starch, potato starch, mung bean starch, tapioca starch and so on. Fenpi is always round, transparent and as thin as paper with rich flexibility and strong flavor of potato. It is popular among many people.

As the most important raw material of Fenpi, starch production process also needs efficient automated machines to improve efficiency. The quality of starch greatly affects the quality of Fenpi. Potato, cassava, sweet potato and other materials is always covered with dirt and skin. Thus manual peeling takes lot of time and has very low peeling performance, so peeling cleaning machine is crucial. Taibo brush roller peeling and washing machine is suitable for potato, sweet potato, cassava, carrot, etc. It features:

1. The whole machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, anti-corrosion and durable,conforming to food safety standards.

2. End-plates of 6mm 304 stainless steel ensures no deformation and a longer service life of bearing, motor, reducer and chains.

3. Brushes are made of quality PBT, which is durable and has high lodging resistance.

4. Uniquely designed discharging outlet leads to a smooth discharging process without blocking.

5. Scientific layout of brush-rollers facilitates replacement or dismantlement.

6. Compared to belt transmission, gear transmission does not slip in humid environment.


At present, Fenpi has become some local characteristic industry. Nevertheless, relevant Fenpi production enterprises, especially small workshops to speed up gear upgrading, promote standardization, standardization, factory production, since in line with the general trend of industry development, and improve product quality and safety level, to better meet the market demand for output and quality.