Automatic Processing And Production Bring Vitality To Traditional Mantou

- Feb 23, 2021-

Automatic Processing and Production Bring Vitality to Traditional Mantou

Mantou, Chinese steamed bun, is one of the traditional pasta in Our country. In recent years, under the guidance of consumption upgrading, the market has quietly changed, pasta processing plant has a better market development opportunities.

The current mantou processing through the introduction of the spiral dough mixer, plantery dough mixer, dough divider, conical dough rounder, frementing machine, dough dividing machine, dough rounding machine, dough mixing machine, dumpling machine, ravioli machine, pelmeni machine, filling machine, mantou machine and other processing equipment, "overtime" of the effort is mainly done by machinery, master only need to control the equipment.


Although mantou processing tricks, many techniques, but and noodles, noodles, waking surfaces, etc. are still an important basis in the processing. At present, the whole scale of the pasta factory is large, with the support of automated pasta processing equipment, has been able to efficiently complete the basic white pasta processing.

Nowadays, the seemingly ordinary "mantou" industry has relied on regional development advantages and automated processing equipment, on the basis of the traditional white mantou, derived from a variety of "mantou" products. At the same time, many places are also grasping the opportunity of high-quality development of the track, promote the development of the local food industry, for people to bring reliable prosperity.

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