Automatic Equipment Is Developing As The Coffee Market Expanding

- Jul 02, 2020-

Automatic Equipment is Developing as the Coffee Market Expanding

It is reported that in 2019, the domestic human consumption of coffee reached 7.2 cups, and the annual growth rate of coffee market consumption also reached 15%. In the context of it, coffee production equipment is also accelerating the pace of development.

Coffee is one of the three major beverages in the world and also an important agricultural product in the world.The world coffee market is entering a stage of rapid development with the gradual change in public perception of food for a long time.

The continuous expansion of the coffee market has also promoted the development of relevant production equipment.Traditional coffee processing is usually done manually, but with the increasing market demand for coffee, the artificial efficiency is too low to meet the market demand, and it is difficult to ensure the quality.Therefore, in the coffee production, the application of automation equipment gradually popularized.

It is understood that in the pretreatment of coffee bean raw materials, there are generally steps such as shell removal, bean selection, cleaning and roasting, in which coffee peeling machine, color selecting machine, cleaning machine, roaster and other equipment are used.In the subsequent production of different products, different equipment can be selected according to different processes.For example, in making coffee powder, crushing equipment is needed.In making coffee liquid, you need to use extraction equipment and so on.

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With the increase of national income and the gradual cultivation of consumers' coffee consumption habits, the potential market space of coffee in China is huge.Thanks to the development of the coffee market, coffee production equipment in China has been popularized, and relevant technologies and equipment performance have been constantly innovated and upgraded, helping manufacturers to reduce labor costs and improve the quality of coffee.