Advanced Drying Technology Promotes The Development Of Sea-Buckthorn Industry

- Jan 14, 2021-

Advanced Drying Technology Promotes the Development of Sea-Buckthorn Industry

With the development of large-scale planting of sea-buckthorn fruit in recent years, deep-processed products such as sea-buckthorn fruit powder have become a major source of local income increase with the support of low-temperature freeze-drying equipment.

Taking the processing of sea-buckthorn fruit powder as an example, a complete production line of sea-buckthorn fruit powder will involve these machines: vegetable and fruit washing machine, cutting machine, air-drying machine, dehydrating machine, deoiling machine, dewatering machine, etc.

Among them, drying is the most important process. Taibo hot air circulation drying machine is suitable for drying vegetable, fruit, kiwi, peach, pear, meat, sausage, rib, seafood, mushroom, etc. It has automatic and accurate temperature and humidity control. The insulation layer of aluminium silicate reduces energy losses and improves working efficiency. If you are interested, please comment or contact us. 


Nowadays, some production enterprises mainly use vacuum low-temperature dryer to physically and dynamically dry sea-buckthorn fruit.

The vacuum low-temperature drying equipment can avoid direct contact with the hot air source in the heating link after the extraction of sea-buckthorn pulp through the vacuum low-temperature evaporation form, resulting in the evaporation of heat-sensitive nutrients.

According to insiders, low-temperature vacuum drying technology can keep the nutrients in the sea-buckthorn fruit as much as possible, and the fruit color, fragrance and so on can also be retained.

In recent years, as health products increasingly occupy an important position in the consumer market, and people's awareness of sea-buckthorn products continues to improve, the sea-buckthorn industry has a good opportunity for development.