Adjustment Of Production Technologies Promotes The Upgrade Of Instant Noodles

- Aug 11, 2020-

Adjustment of Production Technologies Promotes the Upgrade of Instant Noodles

Since the beginning of this year, consumer demand for convenience foods has soared and the market has continued to expand. And instant noodles as a convenient food industry "pioneer", its market space is accelerating expansion. Especially in recent years, with the continuous improvement of production technology, instant noodles products began to high-end, healthy development, the industry out of the "winter".

Instant noodles market recovery, in addition to the impact of external factors, but also due to the reform and upgrading of instant noodles products, nutrition and delicious new varieties launched, the sales of high-end products increased. In recent years, the expansion of online channels has made nutrition and quality a new standard for measuring instant noodles, and building healthy instant noodles has gradually become a new trend in the industry.

For example, when making instant noodles, traditional instant noodles usually use frying technology, but now young people are pursuing healthy and nutritious diet, and instant noodles are more developed towards non-frying. The difference between Fried instant noodles and non-fried instant noodles lies in the drying stage. At present, there are three main drying processes in the industry. In addition to the flour cakes, the instant noodle seasoning bag production technology is also being upgraded. For example, vegetable bags, some enterprises use hot air drying technology, some use freeze-drying technology. Vegetables are dried after peeling, washing and cutting, which can not only maintain the color, aroma, taste and shape of vegetables, but also better retain the original vitamins, proteins and other nutrients in vegetables.

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The further expansion of the "home economy" instant noodles market provides important opportunities, but there are differences in tastes across the country, consumer demand is also constantly upgrading, instant noodles enterprises want to occupy a place in the market, need to further improve the high-end, healthy products. Therefore, it is necessary for enterprises to improve the production process and adopt healthier production process to upgrade the product quality.