Sausage Linking Machine

Sausage Linking Machine is used for type sausage to differnt length by rope.
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Sausage Linking Machine



Sausage Linking Machine

Sausage diameter


Single  sausage length







ApplicationSausage Linking machine is a basic sausage processing equipment,it is used for link sausage to different size




It is pneumatically driven and bundled with cotton, so the production process is very clean, efficient and labor-saving, and it also meets food hygiene requirements. The strapping machine is widely used in natural sausage casings, collagen, fiber and smoked casings. It is a semi-automatic machine that is pneumatically driven by an air compressor that can quickly twist sausages and cut sausages to many different lengths.

Main characteristics:

1. Used for bundling sausages. It is widely used in the catering industry, butchers, supermarkets, etc. This machine increases the yield of the processing industry and makes it easy to control the length of the sausage. Its desktop has compact design, so it can save space.

2. This machine is electric and has a high degree of automation. In addition, this machine does not require manual winding, just replace the standard reel. The machine can be placed anywhere on the table and does not need to be screwed to the side of the table.

3. It can reduce the work intensity of workers. The operator can put the stuffed sausage into the machine and the machine will automatically complete the feeding and connection. The machine also features low energy consumption and long-term maintenance-free features.


• Are you sausage linking machine manufacture or trader?

---We are direct manufacture with independent trading company.

• What guarantee of your sausage tying machine?

----one year.

•  What is lead time of your sausage making machine?

---generally it is 15 working days,but can be in advance if need urgent.

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