Working principle of mixing machine

- Aug 17, 2018-

The stuffing mixer is mainly used for mixing stuffing materials, and can also be used for mixing and mixing other loose materials, such as powders and sauces. The stuffing mixer is a necessary equipment for mixing materials. It has the advantages of fast mixing speed, simple operation, convenient and free operation, automatic discharging, lower labor intensity, and unique spiral gear arrangement, which makes the material mixing more uniform and the single loading more. The unique three layer seal protection equipment has longer service life and more convenient cleaning. It has good adaptability and mixing effect to material, powder, mud, paste and paste. It has good shape retention for lumps. It has reverse function and automatic discharge function.

The working principle of the filling machine is as follows:

1, high efficiency, fast mixing speed.

2. Easy to operate and easy to handle.

3, automatic discharge, lower labor intensity.

4. The unique arrangement of the spiral teeth makes the material mix more evenly, and the single loading is more.

5. The unique three layer seal protection makes the equipment life longer and the cleaning more convenient.