What are the standards for cleaning fruits and vegetables?

- Aug 17, 2018-

The fruits and vegetables we eat every day are constantly cleaned, and everyone has a different understanding of the concept of cleaning them. At the same time, the cleaning steps are different, but how can they be cleaned? In fact, with the continuous development of mechanization in recent years, there are also new machines for cleaning vegetables. Vegetable washing machine is mainly a machine for cleaning vegetables and fruits. Now let's see what the standard of cleaning is.

Safe natural materials: green fruit and vegetable cleaner raw materials for 100% shell firing powder, odorless, tasteless, chlorine-free, no irritating smell of disinfectants. It can be safely used without stimulation.

Remaining pesticides, fertilizers, pesticides thoroughly removed: effective removal of pesticides residues on fruits and vegetables, harmful chemicals, peel wax removal effect.

Keeping freshness of food: after soaking, the freshness of food can be kept and the growth of bacteria can be inhibited. Alkaline pH12 can effectively prolong the prevention of corruption and preserve longer time.

Powerful bactericidal: 100% shell firing powder is a natural substance, its bactericidal power is strong, 7 species can kill Salmonella, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, molds, fungi and so on. In addition to the sterilization of fruits and vegetables, but also can be used in the home bowls and chopsticks, baby toys, clothing, utensils, furniture, toilet disinfection.

Environmentally friendly commodities: environmental protection is harmless, for air, soil and other natural environment safety without two pollution. Scallops are natural substances, do not produce any harmful pollutants and waste, is an environmental cleaning agent.