Tips for using vegetable washing machines to learn

- Aug 17, 2018-

Users who often use vegetable washing machines may encounter some problems when they use them. If they can not grasp certain maintenance knowledge, they will correct the efficiency of the whole processing and packaging industry if they encounter malfunctions. Therefore, users should master the problems frequently encountered in the use of vegetable washing machines. The more problems we have, the more we know the problem, so that we can get out of the problem. Where should we acquire such knowledge? Generally speaking, when you buy a vegetable washer, there are instructions, which record some basic knowledge. If there are problems, we can look for solutions here. Today Xiaobian will give you some benefits, give some vegetables washer in the use of overimpact problems in the main solution.

For the chain adjustment, the adjustment is made after the motor stops, in the middle of the two sprockets with the finger to press the chain, compression is generally between 4 to 9 mm is the standard value, when it is worth adjusting the idler wheel to the specified tightness.

For replacement without variable speed. The first thing to do is to stop the motor. It is strictly forbidden to remove the oil plug in case of fireworks. The oil just flowed out of the gearbox is an appropriate amount, which should be supplemented when it is insufficient.

Belt adjustment, when the motor stopped, in the middle of the two pulleys, with the fingers (middle finger and index finger) belt compression of 7-12 mm as the standard value. When the value is greater than the standard, adjust the idle wheel to the specified tightness.

For long-term non-use of preservation, when we want to carry out long-term preservation without use, we can wash and wipe all parts of the soil and other objects clean, each revolving part and the belt and chain attached to the debris should be completely removed and each revolving part and friction initiative, full oil injection to prevent rust. The appearance of phenomena.

The above knowledge will be used in the use of the necessary knowledge, for the frequent use of vegetable washing machine friends are very practical. I hope that through the above study, users can better use vegetable cleaning machine to clean vegetables.