Special attention should be paid to the purchase of food processing equipment

- Aug 17, 2018-

Food processing equipment has been very common in daily life, using food processing equipment to replace manual work, greatly improving efficiency and more uniform specifications, such as vegetable cutter, and noodle machine in the canteen is more common, so that the canteen meal cleaner and sanitary, free from manual operation of food contamination, improve sanitation Give birth to conditions.

Food processing equipment in use according to the correct use of equipment instructions, equipment to process food more attention to hygiene, so in the process of team hygiene standards to be particularly strict.

When choosing food equipment, we should carefully choose the material, and the part in contact with the food as far as possible choose stainless steel material, so as to facilitate cleaning can better ensure health and safety. There are usually 5 steps before using equipment:

1. Material, voltage and power should be taken into account when equipment is purchased. Detailed communication with customer service personnel should be made to select more suitable equipment.

2. Small and medium-sized equipment are generally shipped by logistics, the collision rate is relatively high, in the goods before the sign-in to carefully observe whether the occurrence of logistics collision, timely protection of their legitimate rights and interests.

3. When the equipment is in hand, it is necessary to turn on the power supply according to the instructions, observe the dangerous parts, and ensure that the protective device is firm.

4. Once a fault occurs, please ask a professional teacher to repair, or contact the manufacturer, spare parts to buy the original factory accessories, can not be arbitrarily matched, or will cause damage to the equipment, or even personal injury.

5. Wash out the equipment immediately after use to prevent the debris from deteriorating in the machine and affecting the next use.