Noodle machine development prospects and product characteristics

- Aug 17, 2018-

Noodle machine is a new type of food processing machinery and equipment, in the market, and the noodle machine, steamed bread machine and other equipment are more popular with consumers, but also as a multi-functional equipment, while meeting the broached noodles, cutting noodles and other noodles specifications. Its function is to slice the dough and make noodles finally.

The value of noodle machine is to create a new green food industry with great commercial interests. The automatic noodle machine is made of flour, corn, etc. as the main raw materials, mix the wordy noodles into the noodle machine to press, make the thick and thin uniform noodles, and cut them into noodles through the noodle knife conveyed to the front. Of course, noodle knives with different specifications can be placed, so that different shapes of noodles can be produced.

The following is a brief introduction to noodle maker's product characteristics.

1, the machine is easy to use, no need to immerse raw materials or further processing, and discard complicated and backward processes.

2, the thickness of the face can be adjusted at will, and the thickness is well controlled.

3. More advanced structure, smaller floor area, horizontal surface, noodle stiffener, slippery, safe and reliable, low noise

4, cleaning is simple and convenient, does not affect the next use, longer life.

Noodle machine is popular in the market, coupled with modern science and technology will continue to occupy a weight share in the market, will be more and more popular with consumers, convenient life.