How to use the meat cutting machine?

- Aug 17, 2018-

Meat cutting machine usage:

1. before using the machine, clean it with warm water and do not wet the motor.

2. the power plug must be inserted into the socket with grounding wire.

3. When using the slicer, first take out the top comb, start the motor, see whether the blade is rotating inward, if rotating outward, should ask the electrician to change the wire head phase.

4. the meat that is to be twisted and the meat to be cut must not be bone, otherwise it will damage the reamer and the slicing knife. This machine can also be used for cutting vegetables, leek, celery and radish.

5. When slicing meat, first remove the meat to be cut to clean the bone, in order to prevent damage to the blade, and change the knife into a smaller than the imported strip shape, meat slices into slices, the slices of meat can be cut horizontally and then a knife.

6. When using the meat grinder, wash the cage with water first, and then install it as it is. The orifice plate is positioned upright and the big pressure cover is pressed before use (don't tighten the end cover when the grinder is running). The meat that needs to be twisted needs to remove the bone and change it into a shape smaller than the imported strip, otherwise it will be stuck easily.

7. After use, turn off the power supply, remove the removable part, wash it with hot water, then install it, throw the water in the air, and then coat it with edible oil.

8. the clutch structure is adopted. The meat grinder and slicer can be used separately and simultaneously. The unused meat grinder and slicer can push the clutch handle to separate it from the transmission system, and then stop working. When operating, do not push the meat by hand to pay attention to safety.