How to maintain the fruit and vegetable washing machine well?

- Aug 17, 2018-

In daily use, timely maintenance is essential to equipment. Good maintenance can not only reduce the failure rate of equipment, but also better prolong the life of equipment, many vegetable cleaning and processing equipment are often premature damage because of poor maintenance, want to better protect cleaning equipment, we should do a good job in the latter part of the work, how to do a good job Maintenance of vegetable washing machine?

Vegetable washing machine maintenance must first turn off the power switch, so that the device is in a state of shutdown.

1. Belt Adjustment: In the middle of the two pulleys, the compression of the finger (middle finger and index finger) belt is 7-12 mm as the standard value, when it is greater than the standard value, adjust the idler wheel to the specified tightness.

2. Chain Adjustment: In the middle of the two sprockets, press the chain with the fingers (middle finger and index finger) and the compression is 4-9mm as the standard value. When it exceeds the standard value, adjust the idler wheel to the specified tightness.

3. Inspection, refueling and replacement of engine oil for CVT gearbox: It is strictly forbidden to remove the oil plug in case of pyrotechnics, and the amount of oil just flowing out is appropriate, which should be supplemented when insufficient.

Long term placement of vegetable washing machines:

If the vegetable washer does not need to be shelved for a while, the maintenance and maintenance of this time is more important, be sure to follow the following methods.

1. The parts of the vegetable cleaner adhere to soil, sundries and so on. Wash them with clean water and dry them with dry cloth to keep the equipment clean.

2, the rotating parts, belts, chains and other entangled impurities, vegetable leaves, should be completely removed.

3. The rotary parts and the frictional active parts are fully filled with oil to prevent rusting.

4, each chain is fully oiling to prevent rust.