Orange Washing Waxing Drying and Grading Machine

Orange is a high yield fruit,it is regular in many countries,however,how to store orange in long time is a key problem,waxing is a new technology for prolong orange lifetime.Our orange washing waxing drying and grading machine just meet the need of orange processing.
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Orange Washing Waxing Drying and Grading machine



Orange washing waxing drying and grading machine


1-2t/h,5-6t/h and 20t/h


Apple,orange,lemon, avocado, etc.

Washing speed

Adjustable by frequency converter


3phase 380V/50HZ


304 stainless steel

Washing way



● Made entirely of SUS204 stainless steel. Machines made from this material can be in direct contact with food without contamination. Therefore, it can fully guarantee the hygiene in the production process. In addition, this material has good durability, long service life and good corrosion resistance.

● This machine has washing and waxing drying and sorting functions, which can save users' time and increase productivity. In addition, the adjustable washing speed is very user-friendly.

●Each machine can smoothly match other machines or be removed as required. The noise generated by the machine is relatively small and can create a good working atmosphere.


This machine is a complete orange processing line for washing and sorting oranges, lemons, avocados, citrus and other fruits.

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