Fruit Washing and Sorting Machine

Fruit washing sorting machine is a basic fruit processing equipment,it is mainly used for pre-washing and sorting orange,lemon,avocado size.
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Fruit Washing and Sorting Machine



Fruit Washing Sorting Machine




1-2t/h,5-6t/h and 20t/h

Washing speed

Adjusted by frequency converter


3phase 380V/50HZ

Washing way



Fruit Washing and Sorting Machine is a popular and regular fruit grading equipment. The main advantage is that every grade can be free adjustable to adapt to different material.


● Completely made of SUS204 stainless steel

● Have function of washing,waxing, drying and sorting

● Every machine can match others smoothly, it can also be removed based on requirment

● Free adjustable washing speed

● Grading quatity is custom-made

● Every grade size is free adjustable

● Suitable for apple, orange, lemon, tomato, avocado, etc.


Fruit Washing and Sorting Machine consists of washing and graded parts. It can be used for fruit washing and grading. Use food grade materials to ensure perfect grading performance. Automatic feeding and conveying ensure smooth running of the drum and avoid damage to the peel.

Low noise and perfect drying effect. The processing efficiency is high. After washing, the fruit can keep the fruit away from bacteria and prolong the storage time of the fruit.


All types of fruits such as mango, lemon, apple, orange, etc.

Make the fruit surface bright, fresh and insect-resistant. Increase the value of fruit commodities.

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