Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine

Fruits and vegetables
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Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine



Industrial Fruit Washing Machine








3phase 380V/50HZ

(or custom-made)


●Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine is made of complete food grade 304 stainless steel

●Composed of bubble cleaning and high pressure spray cleaning machine, can also be used alone

●Quality electrical control parts

●Air bubble cleaning part mimics the principle of manual cleaning

●High pressure spray cleaning part removes stubborn stains and dirt

●Inverter freely adjusts the conveying speed

●Ozone generator for disinfection and sterilization (optional)

●Fruit and Vegetable Washing Machine can be customized for various voltages


1.The blower runs air through the tank cleaner and keeps the water rolling. Due to the rapid flow of water, the dirt on the surface of the raw material can be washed away. By mixing the air, the fruit washing machine can quickly clean the dirt without damaging the fruit during sharp rotation, so it is suitable for washing fruits and vegetables.

2.Through air mixing, the fruit washing machine can quickly clean the raw materials and protect the integrity of the raw materials. The control system adopts frequency conversion and seamless switching technology, and PLC automatic control can realize the coordination of downstream equipment. It also has stable operation and low noise level. The raw materials are flushed to the machine's elevator through circulating water and then sent to the next step. Washed water can be recovered after filtration.

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