Fruit and Vegetable Washing and Drying Machine

Fruit and Vegetable Washing and Drying Machine is used for washing fruits and removing surface water for storage and next processing step,saving time for natural dry.
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Fruit and Vegetable Washing and Drying Machine

Technical parameter:


Fruit and Vegetable Washing and Drying Machine






3phase 380V/50HZ

(or custom-made)


SUS304 stainless steel


Potato,carrot,tomato,apple,orange,lemon,strawberry, etc.


● Composed by air bubble washing and high pressure spray washing machine,air drying machine and inspection conveyor

● Each machine can be freely connected to others and remove

● Famous brands electric appliances control parts

● Frequency converter adjusting conveying speed freely

● Ozone Generator to disinfect and sterilize (OPTIONAL)

● Various Electrical Voltage can be customized made


1. The whole of Fruit and Vegetable Washing and Drying Machine is made of SUS304 stainless steel, in line with national food safety standards.

2. The fan of the machine has high air drying efficiency and the fan height can be adjusted freely according to the product.

3. This machine is made of stainless steel mesh. In order to prevent the product from being too light when dried in the air, punching the stainless steel grille on the device can effectively ensure that the product will only be flipped inside without being blown out. In addition, the protective cover can be removed for cleaning.

4. The transmission system is mainly composed of transmission chain, transmission sprocket, bearing seat, transmission shaft, driven shaft and mesh belt. Each part is driven independently by each automatic shaft. The mesh belt is easy to disassemble and repair. In addition, the net has a brush edge to protect the product from being squeezed and damaged. In addition, the multiple rotation of the mesh belt can also improve the drying effect. Each flip chain is independently driven to reduce chain tension and extend service life.

5. The electronic control system is a control system integrated with the device. The feed end has a stainless steel baffle to prevent material from flowing out and the material outlet for better product collection.


• Are you industrial fruit and vegetable washing machine manufacture or trader?

---We are direct manufacture with independent trading company.

• What guarantee of your fruit and vegetable washing drying equipment?

----one year.

•  What about payment terms of your lemon cirtus fruit washing machine industrial?

----T/T,L/C,Western Union

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