Citrus Fruit Washing Machine

Citrus is a regular and popular fruit in many countries,it is widely used in juice processing factory and sell in supermarket and fruit shop,all these process needs a professional citrus fruit washing machine.
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Product Details

Citrus Fruit Washing Machine

Technical parameter:


Citrus Fruit Washing Machine




1-2t/h,5-6t/h and 20t/h


Washing fruit

Washing speed

Adjustable by frequency converter


3phase 380V/50HZ(other voltage can also be customized   made)


SUS304 stainless steel

Washing way



●The large water tank of citrus fruit washing machine can protect the fruit from damage during the working process.

● Made entirely of 304 stainless steel that can be directly in contact with food, in line with international safety and health standards.

●The washing speed of the machine can be adjusted, so that the user can effectively clean the fruit according to his own needs.

● It can be equipped with an ozone generator for disinfection and sterilization to improve the hygiene of the fruit being washed.


1. This machine is very powerful. It is a machine that combines sorting cleaning and waxing. Its cleaning is efficient and accurate, it can fully clean the dirty surface of the fruit to ensure hygiene. It can also be widely used to grade apples, pears, lemons, mangoes, and other round fruits. The intelligent PLC control system of this machine is easy to operate and ensures stable operation of it.

2. By waxing fruits such as apples, citrus, navel oranges, honey pomelo, etc., the appearance of the fruit looks bright and the sales of the fruit are increased. At the same time, the waxed fruit has a wax film on its surface, which can keep the fruit away from bacteria and prolong its storage time.

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