Automatic Dough Divider

This automatic dough divider can divide pizza dough,bread dough,jujube paste etc from 5-800g/pc.
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Automatic Dough Divider

Technical Parameter





Dough Size

5-800g/pc (other size needs customized made)



Conveyor Belt



1. Four forming nozzles of Automatic Dough Dividercan easily cut 5-800g dough (large size custom 600g / pc). Microcomputer integrated board control system, which can accurately divide the dough. SUS304 stainless steel propeller for easy cleaning. Advanced dough conveying technology can divide any dough and other materials, such as sweet bean sauce, sweet sauce and so on. In addition, the machine's twin propellers prevent the dough from rising in temperature during processing.

2. Materials which used to make this machine's dough bucket that do not contain any material that are hazardous to finished food. The dough bucket is made from materials that can be in direct contact with food and meet international hygiene standards. Photoelectric switch can control dough length. Automatic material feeding method can improve the productivity.


Automatic Dough Divider is equipped with a soft oil-free split system and a double circular device. For any type of dough, you can rely on the highest accuracy and the best fillet. This divider is suitable for any type of dough and the dough divider is characterized by high efficiency and compactness.

The food divided by this machine has good color, regular shape and sweet taste. The clutch as a weight control component enhances the overall reliability and safety of the machine and is easier to maintain and operate.

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